Forgive Me

by Paul R. Davis

I spent love’s harsh coin



as if it would

be of higher value

bringing flowers and chocolate.

I, too, want the flexibility

of belonging,

the homing flight deep into your arms.

I want the knowledge

of our bed,

great ship of truth

that holds an ocean

aching for touch.

Shall I bring summer birdsongs,

the last flowers of autumn,

the fiery death of winter’s sun -

all in all swimming beneath our flesh?

My brain will pour out

for you more than

I can bear to speak,

my eyes as arrows to your longings.

I cannot rest

or die until my body

crumbles, flaking

into love, easy and soothing

as a comfortable chair.

But, you ask,

why do you not feel

the smooth stone

that I call love?

For I am caught, condemned,

animal with its best leg


and I cannot spring the lock.

Crying, singing,

my words are ocean waves

that wither on the sand.

But further back,

beyond the cause of wind,

I live in the thought

of beginning,

in the first sight

of you,

when possibilities

were all that mattered,

when I could erase the world.

Forgive me my waste,

for now the sun is rising,

the dew calls me to


the door opens.  I hope to

find you waiting, welcoming.

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Writers Bio

Paul R. Davis lives in Central New York State with his wife, parrots and cats  He enjoys operating model trains, philately, gardening, and preparing meals with his wife.  His work has been published in The Comstock Review, The Externalist, Centrifugal Eye, The Good Men Project, PoetryRepairs, Halcyon, Oddball Magazine, Moon Magazine, Carcinogenic Poetry, Red Fez, Third Wednesday, and others.  A simple inhalation and exhalation is life, and life itself is art.  His poetic philosophy is:  the joy of expression; the necessity of communication.

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