Drawing In

by Glen Wilson


Drawing In

After Munch’s The Vampire


You misunderstand me my dear,

I’m not here to sink my teeth in,

to draw blood, to take away life;

No this pinch of  your bared skin

is a fresh gap for me to get through

weave into the flow of your veins,

taste the deeper parts, forming new

thoughts that haven’t chosen words.


Let my breast bear your heads lead weight,

My red hair drops over your eyes,

this is a night to not see straight.

Do not let what you fear make you flee

this one sided exchange between us

for all rivers succumb to the sea.

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Writers Bio

Glen Wilson lives in  Co Armagh with his wife Rhonda and children Sian and Cain.

He has been widely published including work in The Honest Ulsterman, Iota, Boyne Berries and The Interpreters House. He won the 2014 Poetry Space competition and was shortlisted for the Wasafiri New Writing Prize. 


He is working on his first collection of poetry.


Twitter @glenhswilson


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