Universal Circus

by Megan McDonald

Under the big top

beneath the lights

and paint and the

sparkle smile

shadows rise

and threaten to outlast

the glamour and the ride.


Blue liner and smile

the outside sheen

but inside knobby kneed

and hugging legs,

I watch nets and safety

tumble away and

with no line to reel in

my fears can only

wait for another day

of joyment to be over.


I dance in shadow

I cannot see the rise

only fall after fall

under the big top.

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Writers Bio

Megan McDonald started writing in a junior high school creative writing class in Hawaii, but other than yearly Christmas poems did not start writing for twenty years.  She credits her restart to poetry to an article in the Washington Post about a long running Virginia poetry venue.  After attending a meeting of Poets Anonymous in 1995 she generated two poems and has been writing ever since.  She has been published in Poets Anonymous (Virginia) anthologies, Poet’s Anonymous (United Kingdom) anthology, Poetry Just for you, Event Horizon and the Poets Domain.



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