The Last Pill

by Agnes Clarke

Numbers round and round they invade my brain and stay

Fresh numbers on the motorway each car plate comes my way

Counting is a way of life from childhood I confess

Now my life has turned around and with money I am blessed


Friends abound and round me flock to share my win with glee

Each has a tale to tell with laughter and such cherished memories

Pretty flowers and champagne flowing when the news was heard

Letters and cards arriving each with a begging word


So again the counting is started this time that money free

Each friend who needed something their pleas they haunted me

Advice was offered freely but silly thoughts would fill my mind

To risk those friends who dearly loved me I could not be unkind


Now bitterness surrounds me and so called friends have flown

Cherished memories they did not last my heart has turned to stone

Abandoned and forgotten no champagne now just wine

Cheap and nasty tasting we get along just fine


Sitting wrapped in tattered clothes a two room shack is home

The river bed of money has been plundered and has gone

Greed and deceit their constant companions the countdown to the end

That last pill was so hard to take now loneliness is my friend

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Writers Bio

I am a retired housewife and grandmother of Jacob

I have been writing poetry for quite a few years

I enjoy the challenge of creating my verse especially from pictures

I live in Lisburn N Ireland and have been married for 48 years

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