Five Kinds of Music

by Harmony Hodges

Classical                  I had a bonnet at first

                                Fresh from a fancy Parisian boutique

                                Filled with accoutrements for dolls

                                But then

                                She bought me

                                She stepped outside to the street of cafes

                                Where delicate teacups whispered as they

                                Greeted tiny saucers


Jazz                         She clicked her new heels against the


                                Passed artists wearing berets

                                I heard the rim ram meows from the cat


                                A lost rendition of a bygone era


Country                   She decelerated

                                As she approached the park

                                She sat on a bench

                                There was a baguette in the bag with me

                                We all three watched the sun set. So pretty.

                                But she got up

                                I fell out of the bag

                                My blue heart broke as her honky tonk boots

                                Did the do-si-do away with the other

                                And left me fallen

                                Until the break of dawn


Rock                        Dark ebony dawn

                                 Icy alone

                                 Clang clang spokes?

                                 Carriage wheels?

                                 Needed grease

                                 Blasted sparks

                                 Grinded the path

                                 Of former war filled righteous anger



                                 No! Wait!

                                 A group of pubescent simians

                                 Took turns

                                 The spotlight on the alpha solo

                                 And there it was

                                 Kicked in my head

                                 I landed in a mosh pit of clover below a

                                 Metal structure

                                 One eye socket shattered

                                 But I could still see a giant metal

                                 KISS wannabe…………….?

                                 Look at those PLAT FORM SHOES

                                 The letter A?

                                  I blinked

                                  It’s clear – the Eiffel Tower



Grunge                      Kicked again

                                  And again

                                  Tattered, disheveled

                                  Through ditches and broken glass


                                  Trash bin in the alley

                                  Rotten scraps, putrid ephemera

                                  Antique Louvre tickets

                                  Ancient pamphlets and programs

                                  Announcements peppered with 

                                  Mustard stains                  

                                  Cinnamon pretzel crumbs


                                  The footsteps again

                                  I saw the holy shoes. Boys?


                                  Two artists

                                  I didn’t want to be painted neon orange!

                                  Their hair needed combed, they smelled

                                  Worse than I did

                                  They examined my angles in the last of

                                  The moonlight

                                  One still saw my beauty

                                  He carried me away over his shoulder

                                  Sweaty patchouli t-shirt

                                  Then dangled me by one foot and that’s

                                  Where I saw

                                  A vintage concert ticket

                                  It said something lovely…






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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges lives in the Pacific Northwest and writes poetry and fiction. More of her work can be found in several poetry anthologies on Amazon, edited by A.J. Huffman.


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