eons of war

by Gina Vitolo

eons of war, tribal lust, genetic imperative to conquer 

to smash property, to steal territory, to stab rivals,

to dip into the coffers of gold bullion, stock certificates,

to carry off sacks of rice, to abduct young women,

to plunder vaults, to lay waste to farm land and cities,

to threaten leaders, to murder without impunity,

to eliminate other religions, to replace them with ours,


we tinker-toy with our families, our neighbors, our friends,

we use a bomb instead of a bowling ball to knock down pins,

we stand on ‘bully pulpits’ to urge insurrection and tempest,

we invade other countries as easily as children in playgrounds,

we hide beneath a carbon sky lit with blinking stars and planets,

we dismiss reason, negotiation and compromise as weakness,


our hearts beat faster, our blood races through our clogged arteries,

our hands curl into fists, our mouths utter obscenities, our jaws protrude,

our lungs pound, our legs kick, our eyes lose luster, our faces mask over,

our bodies lunge, our necks throb, our muscles contract, our scalps tingle,

out tongues taste premature victory, our brains fill with nonsense,

our dignity as human beings diminishes, our destiny destroys resources


we, the loved ones, left behind, gaze at draped coffins on the tarmac

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Former teacher, published poet, author of YA novel

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