Kisses Me

by Jessica Wiseman Lawrence

He tells me I'm beautiful-

it's like getting shot in the gut

with a nail gun. He takes his keys

out of his pocket and lays

them on the blanket.

I touch the worn brass  where his fingers

have been. I imagine

him putting this key in the lock

and opening his red front door

over and over again.

He kisses me, kisses me, kisses me.

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Writers Bio

Jessica Wiseman Lawrence lives in rural central Virginia. She has poetry currently in progress for publication in Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal and The Activity Report. Her work focuses on motherhood, poverty, and nature, and she strives to center each work around one central image. She also has an interest in earth science and biology. Poetry Publications: "Planets," Hermenuetic Chaos Literary Journal, upcoming in May 2015. "Slowly," The Activity Report, upcoming in 2015 Education, Relevant Employment, and Accomplishments: Completed BA in English from Longwood University, 2005 MFA credits from program at Longwood University, 2007 Chosen to present poetry at Southern Humanities Conference, 2008 Creative Writing Teacher, Buckingham County Schools, 2007-2010 Creative Writing Teacher, Region Ten CSB, 2010-2015 Continuing Education/Workshops and Classes: Poetry at the Porches: "Writing Through the Chakras;" Norwood, VA 2014 The Bird House: "Writing the Mother, Mothering the Writer." Williamsburg, VA 2015 University of Iowa: "How Poets Write." Iowa City, IA 2015 NCPAR: "Wild Ink," Lovingston, VA 2015

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