Keep Out

by Agnes Clarke

Blackness in the background a meaning Oh so clear

Chains that hold so tightly no-one should venture near

The picture of a time gone by with padlock of gold it stands

Deterring those thoughts of entry to this hidden land

Peeling paint of red like blood its stain abounds

The image a cross of suffering so profound

A weathered wooden exit to a home of people gone

It stands sad and neglected alone with warning strong

With saddened heart I touch its splinters and remember happy days

No sign to Keep Out then when all was fun and play

Bright scarlet welcomed all who came along the lane back then

Now sun and rain have attacked that gate I see their work so plain

Gouged knots like eyes so black look out from age old wood

And lines as wrinkles in a face show there still standing proud

As memories flood my aching heart I say goodbye again

To a childhood locked within and tied strongly with those chains



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Writers Bio

I am a retired housewife and grandmother of Jacob, I have been writing poetry for quite a few years and enjoy the challenge of creating my verse especially from pictures.  I live in Lisburn N Ireland with my husband John we have been married for 48 years.

Inspirational ImageKeep Out by Lisa Solonynkoby Lisa Solonynko

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