We Are You All

by David Kernot

Her name was Mitochondria.  Her line, a succession from mother to daughter. From Neanderthals and Denisovans, she fought divergent strands to settle in Homo Sapiens, taking with her parts of them all.


From a glacial, climate-changed Pleistocene, an industrial-powered Holocene, to a geo-engineered and global-warmed Anthracene, she took control and grew in stature. But environmental changes and random selective genetic adaption threatened. If the world could be geo-engineered, then so could she. Weaker ancestral fragments were replaced, genetic strands from others spliced to make her stronger, more resilient. And she was the seed of Homo Sapien#2.


Now, in an era where the only possible way forward was to reinforce this new and unique diversity, she embraced the opportunity. Online chatrooms, where like-minded others like her mingled, she found those that held a common view. Echo chambers and filter bubbles settled around her in an encouraging way. Mitochondria chose those only like her, and mother became daughter and mother… Divergent strands multiplied through generations so that she was all of them. No longer one, but now multiple strands reaching back through a varied history.


She became a different selection and genetic adaption from which new humankind formed. One where Mitochondria's line of succession was now from mothers to daughter, doubling, again and again, so that one daughter had many divergent bio-engineered female strands. Each one reaching back in time to a place where we are all you.

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Writers Bio

David Kernot is an Australian author living in the Mid North of South Australia. He writes contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and has over sixty short story credits in a variety of anthologies in Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK, including the Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror (2011, 2013 & 2014), and Award Winning Australian Writing (2012). After taking time off to complete his PhD, he is busy writing again. More information can be found at http://www.davidkernot.com

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