Writing a New Song

by Paul R. Davis

Let's make it mundane

so everyone will like it, 

sing of the ordinary,

of redolent love,

of quiescent death,

of existential adolescence, 

of nights sleepwalking,

of torturers punished.

Let's make a melody

with peaks and valleys,

a geography of capo and coda,

crescendo and diminuendo,

broad boulevards and

streets full of widows,

wolves howling,

starving men wailing.

Let's sell it and promote it,

everyone will want it,

just like sex and new cars,

fill stadiums and street corners,

shatter radios and turntables,

overtake hot dog stands,

art museums and drug stores,

make me rich and famous,

carve a grave for me,

for an orchestra of bones,

bury my song in my hands,

let someone else write

the next great song,

resurrect me with that

unforgettable bridge between stanzas,

let's write those new songs

like turning over the earth.

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Writers Bio

Paul R. Davis lives in Central New York State with his wife, parrots and cats  He enjoys operating model trains, philately, gardening, and preparing meals with his wife.  He does not hold an MFA, has never participated in a college-level creative writing course, and does not subscribe to the “foo-foo” school of poetry..  His work has been published in Latitudes, Poetpourri, Comstock Review, Comrades, Hot Metal Press, Georgian Blue Poetry Anthology, Many Waters, The Externalist, Centrifugal Eye, The Good Men Project, PoetryRepairs, Halcyon, Oddball Magazine, Moon Magazine, Carcinogenic Poetry and others.  A simple inhalation and exhalation is life, and life itself is art.  His poetic philosophy is:  the joy of expression; the necessity of communication.

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