Hidden Behind the Sapphire Crystals

by Jim Hirtle

Hoary steel flashes beneath glaring lights

Ebony locks fall onto cracked porcelain

unworthy to possess such beauty

Crimson dust dances on the air

A tattered brush caressing dark bruises

Trodden lips await the scarlet gloss

Softly kissing away the pain

In the silvery glass

His reflection waits

Assailed by the echoes of his clenched fists

She closes her eyes

Hidden behind the sapphire crystals

A place

of fleeting refuge

of unseen hate

of muted abuse

Hidden behind the sapphire crystals

A place

of unblemished skin

of dreamless sleep

Hidden behind the sapphire crystals

A place

Without mirrors

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Writers Bio

I penned my first poem more than twenty years ago. It remained my first and only poem; tucked away in an old shoebox until recently. I have written several novels and novellas, and have a blog dedicated to writing about faith and addiction, addictedtofaith.blogspot.com. One evening I was toying around with the art of poetry and it was as if an old friend came to visit bearing incredible gifts. I saw creativity in a new and fresh light. “I am Opium” reflects some hidden thoughts about dealing with addiction, thoughts that needed to come to life under the CPR of pen and paper.

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