The Hoops of the Road

by KJ Greenberg


Those particular hoops of the road,

Which separate most outlanders,

At several junctures, are at odds

With the weird ospreys watching

Over our capital’s four inner halos.


Each of those coronae, in order,

Yield singular passages for entry

To our city’s successive pinnacles.

Consequently, pathway rings cater

Social lacuna and didacted prose.


No more than the mouldering quay,

At the remotest edge of our town,

Our eminent prosecutors’ bureau,

Protects against the worst criminals.

“Safety’s” found past twisty turns.


All in all, imperturbable soldiers’ pay,

When addended with local, princely

Emoluments, quells two-footed lizards,

Deters all manner of scaly predators,

Dissuades undecayed organic matter.


See, jail officials merely need imply

The personal character of modeled

Conventions, provided no conjectures,

Additional warnings or proclamations

Get heard by cutthroats else bandits.


We know that anticlimactic rhetoric

Stymies no redoubtable slaughterers,

Bothers no assassins to any ill effect.

Accordingly, our dragons eat visitors.

(Our guards don’t bother with tosh.)

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Writers Bio

Life is precious. Our words need to reflect this verity. Accordingly, KJ Hannah Greenberg tilts at social ills and personal evolutions via poetry, prose and other forms of creative expression. Her books and short works evidence these values.

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