She Calls to the Many Footprints

by Carol A. Stephen

New-fallen snow lies pristine white,

called from the sky by the grass, stripped

of its bright-leaf dress of last week,

now shriveled to dust, sent south by the wind.


Path turns a new face upward where

her solitary journey meanders away

from all shelter. Lonely, she calls

to the many footprints always


at the sidepath, their little detours cunning

shapeshifts in the centred eye of winter’s breath.


Early evening, a trick of moonlight or moodlight,

half-light tears glint on footprints of the dead

pointing south and east. The snow


no longer a clean slate, but

epitaph for uncertain journey.

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Writers Bio

Carol A. Stephen is a Canadian poet, living near Ottawa, Ontario. Her poetry has appeared in Bywords Quarterly Journal and Tree Press/phaphours press collaborative chapbooks. Carol’s poems have been published on-line at The Light Ekphrastic and on Silver Birch Press. In 2012 she won 3rd place in Canadian Authors Association National Capital Writing Contest and in 2013, was a co-director at Tree Reading Series Ottawa. Carol is a poetry selector at Bywords. She’s authored three chapbooks, Above the Hum of Yellow Jackets (2011), Architectural Variations(2012) and Ink Dogs in my Shoes (Dec. 2014)

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