No more goodbyes

by Mack Tavish

You should leave now. Today. You should not have waited so long.

Yesterday when you came to visit us, you must have touched the mirror in Eleanor's room. There is a smear there now, from your finger. I don't think we will be able to remove it. And Eleanor cried when she saw it. She tried to reach out to it and turned to me with such a big question in her eyes. What could I tell her? I could only shake my head, I couldn't even look at her. But I could hear her tears, I can still feel them.

I know it is hard for you too. But you know far better than I, it is time to go. It is passed the time to go. It is almost too late.

Please go. Please leave. Do not let tomorrow come.

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The image put me in mind of someone reluctant to leave but leaving is painful. Sometimes its the only thing to do

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