Wings on Glass

by Harmony Hodges

No more bad Christmases team!

I’m the leader, I have the hook

Here’s what we’ll do:

When this melee is over -

After all the screaming and fist flying -

And everyone walks outside for a smoke,

I’ll jump back on the tree,

And slather my sides with pine sap

Then – listen to the plan:


Piece 1: When Grandma brings out the choke cherry pie

              That’s your cue to jump up, get in place, and press your side into mine


Piece 2: During Aunt Lou Lou’s crying spell into her hankie

              You jump up and press in!


Everyone following so far?


Piece 3: When the police arrive

              Jump up, get all pitchy

              And press in! That’s right, press hard


Piece 4:  When everything is calm

               And the police finally leave

               You can jump up and press into the bottom


The rest of you smaller pieces will have to stay behind

Because there won’t be any time to fit you in

Instead, you’ll each gather some shards of glass

And place them beside you

When round two of, “He said-she said-we did-you did”, starts again

You can either wait by the door to fly out with a door slam

Or wait until tonight

Then fly up and fit yourselves in like puzzle pieces


Talk amongst yourselves

Make your own consensus


Right now,

Pieces 1, 2, 3, and 4

Are you ready?

The bloody noses are being tended to

That means it’s time


Let’s fly!

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