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Lin Pernille Kristensen was born in Hong Kong in 1992 to a Danish family. Lin grew up in Denmark and moved to the United States in 1998, where she still lives today.

Lin attended an honors vocational high school, where she discovered her passion for photography. At Communications High School, she took several art and photography classes including Photojournalism, Advanced Digital Photography, Visual Communications, and Advanced Graphic Design. She was co-president of the Photography Club and an active member of the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and SkillsUSA - for which she competed and won first place in the State Photography Competition.

Lin has interned for the Photo & Bookings Department at Harper's Bazaar US, as well as the Allure Magazine Photography Department in NYC. Lin has also mentored with and worked for professional photographer Andrei Jackamets and assisted on a fashion/beauty photoshoot with world renowned photographer Alex Cayley for an Allure fashion/beauty editorial. Lin is a full-time honors student at Montclair State University working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and a Business minor. She also has a passion for other fine arts including drawing, painting, papermaking, design, multimedia, and sculpture.

Lin has received awards in state photography competitions, has won several photography contests, and has had her work published in three "Best of Photography" books by Photographer's Forum Magazines. She has had photos published in local and world-wide magazines including HIM and Elléments Magazine, has had her photos used as cover art for an international textbook, and has had photos featured in Elliot Siegel's new book "Photographing Models: 1000 Poses." She has had her Fine Art Photography exhibited in two group shows at Gallery 3.5 at Montclair State University in NJ.

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