Missed Message

by Harmony Hodges

I arrived early

So diligent, studious

I’m only ten, you know


I parked my bike at the school

Waited in the band room

Flute on lap

Feet, cold cement


Where is everyone?

Dark in here


First bell rang

I froze


Second bell rang

I jumped


I looked to the windows


My stare could shatter them


I looked at the clock

Its big hand, little hand

Scolding me for something

Gaa! That’s it!

My lunch was still in the bike basket


Out in the hallway




Its fingers sprouting fingers…

Choking me

Its vibration…growing fangs

Puncturing my voice box


I ran like a dripping icicle

To the schools front door

Locked! My God, Why?


I sprinted to the window to look at my bike

No other bikes!


Phones, electricity, heat

All dead!


That day

I mused through the school

Snooped through teachers’ desks

Leftover Halloween candy to eat for lunch

Found Mr. Smith’s provocative “collection”

Checked on my bike

Its red familiarity – soothing, warm


By the end of the day

Which felt like a month

I saw Mrs. Pringle braving through the snow

From her house across the street

She unlocked that door

And we braved the wind, snow, and icy slick road

Falling many times, tearing my pants, bruising my knees

We both broke a million bones

But I smiled through it all

Knowing that now


Mom would let me get a cell phone!




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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. She writes poetry and fiction. Her writing has appeared in several poetry anthologies edited by A.J. Huffman.


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