Baptismal Sea

by Stephanie Grace

She sits still, silent;
Seeing sapphire waters rushing;
Surrounding toes,
ankles, thighs.

She remains still, silent;
Watches seductive tides pulsing;
Distant waves
rising, descending.

She sits still, silent;
Resplendent skies smiling;
Sun stroking
scalp, skin.

She remains still, silent;
Astral seas whispering:
Promising bliss,
everlasting happiness.

She is still, silent;
Relinquishing humanistic woes;
Dismissing doubts,
frustration, angst.

She remains silent, smiles;
Lets soothing seas encompass
Flesh, spirit: Soul.
Sadness subsides.

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Writers Bio

Stephanie Grace is a twenty-five-year-old housewife who finds every glimpse of nature to be euphoric.  He motto is: Inspiration is all around us should we choose to accept it.  This poem was inspired by a cha llenge to include the letter "S" in all words of a poem. 

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