Swamp Man Vignette

by Harmony Hodges


All week long 

I was up with my kid  

while he fought a leechy skin disease 


When he finally felt hungry 

I calledon the phone 

to ask what the specials were that day 

I was told: 

"Brains Dude, 

 Brains Dude, 

 Brains Dude!" 


So I made the trek to 

Blast Me Road 

and schlepped into the store 

with my reusable bag 

for a five cent discount 


While the clerk was talking  

on his iphone 12 

about a new restaurant called "The Aphid Hatchery" 

I tapped my slimy gills  

atop the glass case 

while I looked for 

any sign of brains 


He didn't look at me 

or acknowledge me 


And that's when 

I felt my scales 

curdle at the edges 

My gills began to dry 

My tiny blood vessels  

course copious volume 

with metronome 


to his repulsive 





"Excuse me," I said 


"No Brains Dude, 

  No Brains Dude, 

  No Brains Dude!" 


He turned in his swivel chair 

backed turned toward me 

and chattered away 



get out your popcorn 

crimson red licorice 

and cherry stained whine 

just a few more drops 

of froth it up fire engine 

there we go... 

extraction complete 


And on that night 

I served my healthy kid 

the freshest brain in town 

as we watched lady bugs 

in a garden 

munch on oblivious aphids 



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Writers Bio


Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. She writes poetry and fiction. Her writing has appeared in several poetry anthologies edited by A.J. Huffman. 



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