I've Got a Secret

by Harmony Hodges


My travels were long


To the deep country side

To a neighborhood filled with crime


I may have been hollow like a chocolate bunny

But my chickadee cherub cheeks

Were always filled with heart


And when I sat on that tire

In that dusty dank store

My blue flames

Called eyes

Scorched through every shopper

Perusing for a trinket


I puffed out my chest

In my fresh white suit

Crossed my feet

Clenched my fists

And opened my mouth

Singing telepathic bird songs

So silent, so earnest

“Pick me! I’m not dead

This tag is not on my toe!”


Of course it worked

And one day a grandma

Bought me for her granddaughter

With her last thirteen dollars


Now my next goal

Is to tell Grandma

Not to dread

Because there’s $13,000.00 dollars

Hidden in my head!


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Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. She writes poetry and fiction. Her writing has also appeared in Kind of a Hurricane Press.

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