Air Raid Shelter

by Beryl McMullen

The lights are out the moon is bright
Like a beast in a desperate plight
That’s being driven from his lair
Air raid warnings pierce the air

People just ran helter-skelter
To the nearest air raid shelter
Over the trees bombers in sight
This will surely prolong our night

Brought in off the street after a fall
A candle flickers by the wall
Then in a hair raising chilling sound
Came fear and tension all around

The moonlit garden came into view
Military flares rose high anew
No peace for the young or the old
All shivering down here in the cold

In this dark dank under cover
Hear bombers overhead hover
Nothing seems remotely right
When countries are determined to fight

When this war is over and done
All the battles eventually won
This will go down in history
As another human catastrophe


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Writers Bio

Ever since I was a child attending St. Mary’s C of E School in England, having to commit to memory long psalms, I have always enjoyed the beauty of words which has remained with me all my life. One of my first loves is poetry: reading, reciting, and writing it! Hence, to share this special joy of poetry for young and old alike has its place on my website. It is never too late to start a new adventure, it’s not a time of life it’s a state of mind, a matter of will, the quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions, and the freshness of the deep springs of what life has to offer! It doesn’t matter what age we are, there is in every human being’s heart the love of wonder, the amazement of the stars, the undaunted challenge of events, and the unfailing appetite of what comes next and to put simply the joy of living...

For me writing poetry is a challenge I enjoy expressing my thoughts in a set form. Many of my poems rhyme because I prefer to rhyme, rather than write free verse. But I love reading poetry of any style and have tried all forms of expressing a feeling or an idea to convey a happy inspiration to the reader. I think one of the greatest demands writing poetry is to avoid commonplace expressions in flavour of fresh original expression of thought to awake in the reader strong emotions. The test: if the expression of thoughts fails to register emotionally with the reader as poetry it’s called verse.

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