2019-06-25 - After The Rain

Gracey Stinson is from Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Born and raised in Toronto the artist has called Orillia home for more than 30 years. With her husband, two beautiful daughters and four perfect grandchildren she lives a life of quiet reflection. Unlike many professionals she has no degree in art or photography, simply a love for what she does. For her, success is in the joy of creating.

Retired from the 9-5 grind of the workworld, I decided to start off on a new career a few years ago using my longtime love of photography. Photography has become a challenging world for me; one that has pushed me to continually improve.

Transforming a digital image into an artistic work has given me the creative outlet I was seeking.

When the artistic side takes over the results are the images I see in my inner visions: not always expected, but they are my own interpretations of the world around me. Sometimes fantasy, sometimes light, and every now and then, darkness. In all of their forms, these images come from my heart… Tempered by my faith and inspired by the world God created, these are His creations much more than they are mine.

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