Red Dawn Wannabe

by Harmony Hodges

My job used to be

a proud protector

from the rain


I used to stand upright

In the corner of the living room


Like a flower


One night my family and I

Watched that movie called Red Dawn

They were cozy around the fireplace

On the couches

Comfy, content


I was in awe

Red Dawn!

Oh how I wanted to be a red parachute!

So glamorous

So dramatic

So stratospheric!


But now look at me

Face down in the dirt





Did my family think I was ungrateful?

Were the red parachutes bad?

If only I hadn’t been so bold

To dream

Maybe I’d still be back in the corner…

That awesome, awesome, corner


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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in Portland Oregon. She writes poetry and fiction. Her writing has appeared in Kind of a Hurricane Press.

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