A Sunken Ship

by Sammy

I was swimming in the ocean
When I came across a sunken ship
Your heart was trapped in it 
And all you needed was a lift.
Attached to your wrist was a little golden locket.
It fell open and showed a young girl's face with blonde locks. 
You didn't want to let her see you drown
Because you knew she would cry if she heard the sound
Of your anguish and pain, you knew she loved somebody else.
But there is another woman who loves you most of all
She will take you by the hand and guide you to the shore
Just take her by the heart and lead her home.
Do not ever forget her 
Just stay by her side forever.

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Writers Bio

I have been writing in a notebook since 2009 and now post poetry online and write new ones. I often write when inspired by something or a person that gives me a certain feeling.

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