A shipwreck built up for years

by Andre Hoggard

We live, on the back of coffee,
and oil-stained napkins.
Writing down our curses
with broken pencils,
and lead.
Under a veil of sheets,
we tore at the seams,
like every stitch,
written across our arms.
What's up your sleeves?
Is it another nick,
caused by a rusty knife
and a half-known life?
Inside my voice,
is a shipwreck built up for years.
Sails strung up,
by the dust and spiders in the hull.
They crawled out of my scars,
and the cracks in the floors,
that I made while sweeping around,
the broken glass in the store.
But once in a while,
there is a music box,
off in the corner there.
That plays a simple melody.
An old threnody.
I've heard every day,
of all the time I waste away.
Being everywhere,
I knew I'd never stay.

A cat sings,
draped in black,
sitting on the rails
of the rescue boat.
Laughing and taunting, still singing:
"You're better off going down with the ship!"

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Writers Bio
Andre Hoggard is a spoken word poet from Indianapolis.

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