by Lissa White

The fog of my broken heart
Becoming fog that imprisons my soul
and refuses to let me escape.
Its silent mist that eclipses the sun
beckoning the darkness.
Once again calling my name
Heavy clouds weighing me down
Depression, disappointment, and doubt
My newest companions.
The life I knew is now disoriented
My path is clouded by anger, hurt, and uncertainty.
This fog is encircling me
Dragging me down
My vision is blocked
Tomorrow is a forever away
The blackness envelops me
Words of hope are but empty phrases
So I am abandoned and forever alone
Scabs long healed, split open again.
Left open and bleeding
For all to see
My heart exposed to the world
Like tress reaching through fog
Becoming enveloped by the fog
The fog of my broken heart.

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