Tree of Life

by Ed Curley

It was time for life to begin on earth, Aiya the goddess of nature decided. She had pleaded with Balor, king of the gods, and he had finally given his consent. ‘The gods were growing tired of playing on the earth, they would ascend back to heaven, it would be amusing to watch your little experiment’ he had said.


Balor had made one condition, once a life form was created in could not be directly interfered with by the gods. It must be allowed to define its own destiny, to make its own way, its survival or extinction would be in its own control. Aiya had agreed, she had a plan to ensure all the life forms would be successful and live in harmony with each other.


She would take a lock of her own golden hair and plant it in the earth, from this would grow a magnificent tree, tall, broad and strong it would be the source of all life on the earth. Seeds from the tree would fall to earth each to become a different living creature. In this way each creature would be part of the one and also be part her. This would also mean that each would feel part of something greater than itself. And so it began and the creatures started to populate the earth.


Duah the god of darkness was growing increasingly jealous of Aiya’s success. Balor was soft on Aiya and indulged her ‘little games’, he thought. He would upset the ‘little experiment’. He sent a violent storm to uproot the tree, but it had strong roots that ran deep into the soil and withstood the storm. But the batch of seeds which were just about to fall were scattered far from the tree and some died. Aiya was distraught and pleaded with Balor to be allowed to help, but he would not allow it.


One seed in particular seemed to grow as normal, but as it grew and evolved Aiya noticed there was something wrong. Its connection with the tree and to her was weak, the creature also had a trait that was not present in any of the other creatures, it was self conscious. It was also restless and discontent, as if searching for something just out of its reach. It was as if Duah’s storm had somehow gotten inside of it and it had inherited some of his darkness. This made it selfish and warlike, it fought with others of its kind over all kinds of trivial things. The most befalling of all to Aiya was fighting over ownership of patches of the earth, why did they need to feel they owned patches of the earth? No mortal being could ever own the earth? None of her other creations did this and some of them lived an awful lot longer, it must be Duah’s influence? She thought.


It was also prolific and spread across the earth like a parasite. It tried to control all the other creatures it encountered and killed many of those it feared or did not understand. This saddened Aiya greatly, as they were all her creatures. It even got satisfaction from killing some of the other creatures for sport.


It seemed it could not find any lasting happiness and in its search created many possessions which it thought would make it happy. It developed huge organisations to develop more and more of these possessions and it exploited others of its kind and destroyed many beautiful places on the earth.


The search was relentless, Aiya wanted to scream at them to stop! Did they not understand that happiness could not to be found in possessions or in ‘chasing’ some elusive vision of happiness which involved having ‘more’ than others of their kind? They had lost the key to their happiness, if only they knew how simple it was to regain it! Stop the frenetic ‘doing’ and just ‘be’ in the world, it was as simple as that. This would also allow them to hear the small voice inside of them which was their connection to the tree and to Aiya.


Aiya had and idea; because of Balor’s condition she could not interfere directly in their lives. However this did not stop her from providing them with a few ‘guides’ to the way back to her. Over a couple of thousand years she carefully identified individuals whose connection to her was particularly strong. To these she sent love and insight and the ability to lead and teach others to access their inner wisdom.


Duah had been watching Aiya and went to her, he threatened to tell Balor if she did not let him also ‘interfere’. Duah identified individuals who had great charisma and could also lead and teach others, but they did not teach wisdom and love, to them he sent the ability to lead others to commit atrocities of darkness, death and destruction.


Aiya was unsure what would happen. She hoped her ‘guides’ would be strong enough to overcome Duah’s influence; all she could do was watch. After a while she noticed something, a small number of the creatures began to access their inner wisdom and to recognise the damage they were doing to all the other life forms, and to the earth itself. They began to try and undo some of the damage and influence others to see the error of continuous consumption of the earth’s resources.


Slowly they began to influence change. Would it be in time? Aiya thought, she hoped it would, because for all their failings these creatures were still part of her and they had their good moments, sometimes of great kindness and love. She would give them a little while longer, she thought. But if they did not improve their ways she would ask Balor to eradicate them. Their destiny was clearly in their own hands. They must find their own way back to the tree.




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Ed Curely,

Always wanted to write, I'm doing a creative writing course at the moment. Hope to write more regularly.

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