A Twisted Path

by Anthony Liccione
whip and sliced
tomato sandwiches
to get us through
for the night,
I go to bed hungry
staring into
the dead dark,
tossing what little
beliefs I carried
during the day,
to get me through
a house of hope,
but for the most
part its watching
the clock wind
itself back to one,
without the wonder
that everybody
wants to be in that
perfect position,
knowing well the
bills will still be there,
mortgage not disappear,
the kids
wearing clothes
size down,
the crumbs ants come
and confiscate off
the kitchen floor,
another resume sent
out to some employer
that never
returns an answer,
as I lay
the facts down
a twisted path,
the lies
from the door
of my house
and into the loss,
I drive through
looking for
to blame, take
the name of remorse
from off my shoulder,
but everyone
carries their own
burden, like a cross
on the back
of jesus,
teaching me
is the only
thing to
hang onto,
as my car
burns up gas,
a dead-end road.
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Writers Bio
Anthony is currently raising his two children on his own. His poems have appeared in several print and online journals, and he has four collections of poetry books.


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