Whispering Promises.

by Kayla Warechowski

The trees whispered, speaking in the only way it could; through rustles brought on by wind and gentle hands. It had a voice of its own; one no one bothered to listen to. Not many knew it was there, not many knew that everything had something to say if there was someone to listen. But we were listening. We were always listening.

“Do you hear?” I whispered, looking up; my eyes shining blue under the moon. He stilled for a moment; his ears perked, listening closely like soldiers on the front line. Silhouettes danced across the gray sky, blending in with shadows and quick movements. Steady whispers, waiting for something to speak to.

“Follow me.” Eyes that sent a clear message. His hand flinched, as though shaken by a force.
He whispered inside my mind, promptly ordering a direction before lunging forward. An eerie silence hovered in the air; which we dared not break.

Stop. Turn. Watch with steady eyes. He lowered his gaze, tense, before murmuring a word.


I felt it too, a presence, but not one of angelic aura.

“They’re evil.” He hissed through his pointed teeth, un-moving like a statue.

“The Angels?” I questioned, forehead crinkled up in confusion.

“…Yes, fallen angels. They’re polar opposites. Fallen angels fell for a reason. Do not move if you want to keep your life.” My eyes widened nervously.

“In other words, don’t move, please.” My mouth twitched, still puzzled.

“They need someone to listen.” I whispered almost silently. No answer.

“…?” I took a step forward, and immediately my heart stopped, ice encasing the world around us.

“NO!!! Back off!!!” He screamed, running in front of me and bristling, his image flickering from wolf to boy.

“Leave her alone!!!” A growl rumbled in his throat, fire blazing around him in a deadly shield.

“We are not afraid of you, foolish wolf.” A voice seemed to whisper inside my head, and I assumed he heard it too by the way the flames rose.

“You should be.” Laughter seemed to come from all directions, evil and menacing, a demon amused by its prey.

“Big. Mistake.” He spun in a 360 quickly, torches shooting out from his body and scorching the park, un-affected by the hum of the water in the fountain. Frozen objects melted, dropping to the ground with a thud and splattering in all directions like fireworks. A surprised screech echoed from the air, and suddenly the silence had returned, nothing but the rhythmic thuds of the rain, which had begun to fall. I dared not move, my body shaking like a deer in headlights, and eyes as wide as the moon. He was panting with effort, his chest heaving as he breathed. I peeked up at him, worry reflected in my eyes.

“Simply because a voice has something to say,” He paused, looking me in the eyes. “Does not mean it is of good. The trees—“ He lifted his arm, palm facing towards the purple clouds that dotted the sky and waved his hand slowly in a crescent shape.

“They have never harmed before. They whisper in peace…but you must be careful.” He hugged be tight, looking down at me with concern.

“I’ll be careful. I promise.”

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