Chatter of a White Scaly-Gull

by Deirdre M. Murphy

The sun is bright, the air is clear
But you can’t see the dragons near
You toss out scraps to feed my kind
So if you lived, I would not mind
I cry a warning you don’t hear

Pretty thing, you say and grin
Though dragons are my distant kin
The dragons, now, they love your kind
And it’s been weeks since they have dined
So the deep dragons lure you in

I’m just as glad that you’re not wise
That you sail headlong toward demise
My dragon kin will gladly eat
Your crunchy bones and tender meat
While I enjoy your fleshy eyes

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Writers Bio

Deirdre Murphy is a writer, musician and artist who has spent most of her life squeezing her creative pursuits into whatever "free time" she could create. 

You can find more of her fiction, art, and poetry on her blog, Dandelyon’s Worlds,

Recently, she has been awarded a Superior Scribbler Award for her blog, and won the artist category of the first Torn World Wiki Contest. She has been published in MZB’s Fantasy Magazine and has a story in the November issue of Crossed Genres.

Deirdre lives in a Victorian house with purple trim, which presides over a garden hosting roses of many colors and a variety of herbs. She has three cats and an ever-changing number of tropical fish, and dabbles in taming feral kittens.

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