The Symbol

by Harmony Hodges

"Here she comes again." said the land with a snarl.

"I know your secret." said the snow to the land.

"I don't think you do." said the land right back.



You stay here,

vast and complete,

hard and unwavering -

and I know why." said the snow with a scowl.

"Then tell me, with your incendiary words

of resplendent sophistication,

what is my secret?" said the land to the snow.

"You think you're the best just because you're solid."

said the snow with a scoff.


And before the thrill of melting

took away every last drop

of her icy winter blanket,

she left the land a gift.

A symbol of proof

that she was free to fly.

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Writers Bio

I live in Portland Oregon in the rain, and sometimes snow.

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