The Doorway to Hell

by Stef White

        I stood at the doorway to hell, knowing I would have to step through eventually, I watched as the souls cried out for help, trying as they might to scramble back through to my side, only to be dragged back by a spawn of Satan to be tortured for their sins for the rest of time, I could feel myself being pulled in but I had to hold on, I couldn’t go in without seeing him, watching him go through the gates of hell to be tormented, like he tormented me for so long, I knew I shouldn’t have helped him, deep down I knew he was wrong, he was a murderer, but I was too afraid to do anything then, I’m not afraid now, I deserve this, and I will pay for my sins, as will he.

       It felt like years before I finally heard his cries, I spun around to see him scratching at the pavement, a swirl of green light pulling him by the legs, I saw him look right at me, pleading for help, his eyes had the same look in them mine used to, a sadness he now understood, and would for the rest of his pitiful eternity, I only wished I had held on long enough to watch him die, but I held on for this, this was enough for me. I watched as the creatures stepped out of the green light, their hands wrapped around his legs, laughing as they pulled him through, I closed my eyes, and held onto his one last cry for help.

I smiled as I stepped through the gates of hell.

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Writers Bio

Stef White lives in County Durham, a place she says no one has ever heard of unless they live there. When she's not writing she spends most of her time curled up with a good book.

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