The Dead Man

by DewRina Lee

A fine curse the Goddess has treated me with—

Jealousy and resentment never her forte.


Ha… But the pranks on you mistress,

For I have tricks of my own.


In Hell I’ll burn—

With you feeling the same pain


Unbreakable chains around your wrist,

Dead skulls rolling around your feet,


The black thorns ripping away your flesh—

Fire licking your veins, eager for more…


The Fates taking away your memory;

What a joyful sight that’ll be!


Everything cast aside,

Everything thrown away!


All dead and gone…

Dead and gone…


Ha! All is lost for you and me!

Vengeance, a wild being, isn’t it?


If Death, himself, shall take his toll on me,

So be it.


At least you’ll die with me.

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