Feeding the Imagination

by Rachael H Dixon

It’s in there!



Are you sure?

Yeah. I saw it.

Well, what was it? Did you see?

I dunno, but it was as big as me.

That can’t be right! I’ll shine my light,

See if we can see what you saw

And see if it was big as you thought before

Though I can’t see how it could possibly be

Otherwise we would still be able to see.

It was, I tell you, it was six foot three

It ran in there behind that tree

It had horns and hooves and was deathly pale

And it had a spear on the end of its tail.

Well you go first, I’ll follow you in

You can show me where it went.

And if you fall I’ll pick you up

First and foremost, I’m a gent.

Wait what’s that, can you hear that sound?

A rustling of leaves upon the ground…

Must be the thing. It’s coming back.

Did it have big teeth and orange skin?

Eyes ink black

And a hungry grin?

How uncanny

Yes, that’s him!

Well don’t look now, he’s found us

Followed his nose to our candy smell

Quick, grab my hand and hold it tight

Shine your torch as well

Keep a hold with all your might

And on three, we’ll run like hell!

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Writers Bio

Rachael H Dixon lives in the northeast of England, and her most favourite things in the world are writing, reading, travelling – and wine. She’s been writing seriously now for around two years, and to date she’s had a handful of short stories and travel features published, and she’s won a couple of writing competitions. Check out her blog at http://rhdixonblogspot.com for news and updates on her first novel Slippery Souls – an urban fantasy…by the seaside.

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