by C.K. Ledford

I remember
a youthful spirit …
and bold
with never-ending courage
to embrace the unknown
and relish in discovery

when the world felt so big
but it was mine to trick or treat
all I had to do was dream
and fly
and be…

unaware of darkness lurking
ready to steal
and replace
the child within

the warmest smile
now cold and wrinkled
like a bitter monster
sucking joy
out of

so afraid
so alarmed
so aware of darkness holding
who I was
within its ransom
of my soul

still, I wonder
if hope lies in reflections
waiting to dream
and fly
and be…

or will I live
lost in forever
hostage to this torment—
into the nightmare I’ve become



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Writers Bio

C.K. Ledford lives in Ohio with her husband and three children. Her work has been featured at several online magazines, and she recently published her first book of poetry, Tears in Bloom. She is currently working on an inspirational book of poetry, creating a children’s book series, and writing her first novel.

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