In Memory

by Harmony Hodges

The air used to have a face

a body, breath.

The ever present boulder

the one I couldn't climb.

I thought I reached the nexus once

where all the light shone in.

That was just a wish.

Still, I wish I'd reached the summit

before it all just vanished.

There used to be a pillow

sitting next to me.

right here on this bench

soft, delicate.

Yet I couldn't tear it open.

It could have been steel,

Like a safe.

There used to be a bird

in that very bird bath.

That washed her hair and giggled

almost every day.

Even in the winter

she splashed the icy water

underneath her pits.

And that big old tree

used to have a squirrel

that chatterd just for fun

but sometimes scolded me,

ruthlessly, haughtily

Nevertheless, I'd rather hear a scold

than the silence.

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Writers Bio

I live in Portland Oregon.

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