by Katherine McIntyre

Words cut.

They demoralize.

They snicker snack.

They run rampant through
groves of imagination, bursting
with flashy bananas and
plump peaches. Savoring the
caress of nectar, they weave an
intricate tapestry out of colored phrases
and reinvented cliches.

They swell with hope, stir confidence,
boost someone's name and cast them in
varnished light-  they're an angel,

No, not an angel. A God.
Words are adulated, sanctified.

They're spearheads.

They start wars, bold newspaper headlines.
Manipulative, they dredge followers, mutate friends
to enemies, rape someone's reputation.

And all the hope they inspired,
all that glimmering, beautiful,
sparkling, incandescent, absolute bullshit-

Words led you to believe for a
moment, you'd succeed.

YOU were the one singularity they referred to.

Those are the poisonous ones.

They are snakes, slithering through
jade meadows, camouflaged and waiting.

Words will strike.
They always do.

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Writers Bio

Katherine McIntyre spends her time as a massage therapist and writer. She graduated from West Chester University with a B.A. in Literature. Her poems have been published in an array of journals and reviews from Mastodon Dentist to Daedalus. Her published works can also be found on 

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