See the Burning Sea

by Anastassia

The sea caught fire one fine morning

And bathed the shores in red.

With trepidation slowly stirring

I slithered out of bed


And threw the window open widely,

Squinting my eyes against the glare.

Along the shore, a girl walked blithely,

Some seaweed twisted in her hair.


She walked on water, walked on sand.

Her presence misty, undefined.

A creature alien to land,

But borne of oceans – cruel and kind.


Her skin like honey on her frame,

All glittering and dewy gold.

Her hair combusting into flame,

She was a being young and old.


I watched the sun alight the water,

Saw shadows lengthen and deform.

I saw the ocean’s own daughter

Enter calm waves before the storm.


And then her body disappeared,

Accepted by the sea.

It was exactly as I feared.

She was forever lost to me.

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I read everything from haikus to epic fantasy novels and attempt – often in vain – to have my writing reflect the same variety. My current hobby is arguing with the muse living in my head about when, where, and how inspiration should strike.

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