Until My Love Stops Roaming

by Lyn C. A. Gardner

Here the waters lap the shore,
Cold and dark and foaming.
Here I wait forevermore,
Until my love stops roaming.
He sails away most every day,
But soon, he says, soon he will stay,
Then will my love stop roaming.

He takes his life into his hands
Each time he boards that ship,
For many ships from many lands
Could ne'er complete the trip.
The hungry seas swallow their lives
With cracks and snaps that slay my peace,
For each might be his ship.

He's been gone much longer now
Than e'er he was before.
Tonight I fear that mast and prow
Will never reach the shore.
O! love, come back! With fish and tack!
This devils' storm will break your back!
You'll never reach the shore!

Along the beach with eyes of lead
I walk and stare to sea.
No use my tears; my love is dead,
The gods ignored my pleas.
The waves crash still with strength to kill --
Ah, take me too! your bitter will
Drowns both my love and me!

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Writers Bio

A catalog librarian by day, Lyn C. A. Gardner has had stories and poems
published in venues like Abyss & Apex, Challenging Destiny, Cinema Spec,
The Doom of Camelot, The Leading Edge, Legends of the Pendragon, Mythic
Delirium, Not One of Us, Talebones, and Traps, among others. 

With Cy Dillon, she edits the journal Virginia Libraries. 


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