by Sen Lin

Behind the wooden gate I stare
At fires burning bright.
Sparks and embers dance like fairies
With wings spread out in flight.

It is a wonder, I must say,
A paradox this is.
How something could cause such great pains
And also such great bliss.

For on this cold Winter evening,
Amid so many friends,
This fire shall grant us gifts,
Warmth and brightness, it lends.

Giver of heat, bringer of light
A friend within the dark,
And yet it'll eat me just the same,
Like the wooden, tree bark.

If I were to stick my finger
Into that little blaze,
My flesh would burn with such a touch,
My mind a painful daze.

And while I ponder strange questions
Beside this small fire,
The wood creaks, screams, and cries within
It's funeral pyre.

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Writers Bio

I am an undergraduate, Creative Writing major, who loves to write and hopes to pursue this interest as a possible future occupation of some sort.

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