Wild Pare

by Nick Hale


circumstances have forced

us to part with a dire need

to disguise:  dye our hair

and take on new life.


The red line north

to a greyhound heading

south should clear my head of

pictures of the new, headless you.


Dear love, it was an accident:

your devil’s

haircut,  your Robespierre shave.

Your friends, your family,

the law

do they know

that? It’s impossible to

keep your head

in such a situation.


How can we fix

this trouble we’ve caused?

Most likely, you go your way,

we never speak

of this again.

I’ll go mine,

try to keep my head.

A bad pun

won’t undo what’s done,

and so

I run


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Writers Bio

Nick Hale has been reading and writing poetry for as long as he can remember.  His poetry has appeared in print in the University of Scranton’s Esprit as well as the Perspectives anthology.  Nick is the editor of Voice of the Bards, an anthology of fantasy poetry which will be released in March 2011 by Local Gems Poetry Press.  Among Nick’s hobbies is website building.  His first site, www.freepoemguide.com, is still under construction.

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