FadeTo Black

by Brit Jacob

I climbed inside myself to numb the pain,

to become invisible, to save my soul.

Missing for so long,

did you even know I was gone?

It is dark, so dark. 

There once was a light,

so small, just a glimmer really.

It is gone now,

absorbed into the broken pieces of me.

I search for something,

anything to hold onto to.

I am lost, spiraling,

turning to dust.

I have been gone too long. 

There is no escape. 

I will die here, alone.


Feels wrong. 

Dead already.

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Writers Bio

I was a graphic designer and copywriter in my previous life.   Now I write book reviews and schedule author interviews for a website.  I wrote my first play at seven featuring a land dwelling dolphin and have been writing ever since.

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