Internal Killer

by Veronique Medrano

Gnawing ,

at the corner of her face,

a zombie eats its weight

in flesh and bone.

This piercing pain

in every muscle and sinew

shakes her like a hurricane.


Tied to tubes,

tied  to charts,

tied to drugs—

they did  their part.

The photos

slowly turn to ash

while bright eyes

sink into their sockets,

glassy and vacant.


Vomit the sunshine,

a day in the rain,

exotic trips,

and birthday cakes.

Vomit wedding bells,

a trip to the beach,

and the hope of getting better


in a matter of months.

She will shrivel

like a piece of tissue

consumed by a fire.

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Writers Bio

 Veronique Medrano is a fulltime college student  at the University of Texas at Brownsville. She is a singer, radio DJ, and writer of both short stories and poetry. Her other passions include travel, Batman, and philosophy. You can check out her radio show "Random times with Cake" at every Tuesday from 12:15 p.m-1:15 p.m. Singing gigs and writing projects announcements are available at

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