by C.K. Ledford

I lie here …
barely breathing—
like summer cornstalks
weeping beneath the heat.

How golden the light;
how golden love was
as we stole moments
from busy days
to lie together ‘neath the sun
and dream of all we‘d be.

Young love, so fresh and pure,
driving hearts into submission
and naivety
that forever truly exists,
never acknowledging
life’s possibility
that sweet love can turn to hate.

Now here I lie …
barely breathing—
as golden fades and darkness beckons,
bleeding inward from steel’s infliction
by twisted hands
where love so soft
once freely flowed.

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Writers Bio

C.K. Ledford is a former lyricist whose passion for poetry led her to publish her first book, Tears in Bloom. It is available for purchase at . Ms. Ledford is currently writing a book of inspirational poetry as well as completing her first novel, a young adult crime-drama.

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