by Mitch Chedjou

I open my eyes and I see a bird. A beautiful black bird. I know that it is mine. Has He given it a name yet? He will probably call it Evil. I wonder if He secretly thinks the same of me, with my black body and the things I say and do—things He has constantly warned me against for they make the Creator very angry and doubtful. He says the Creator, whom He lovingly calls “Father,” is beginning to hate the whole idea of me because, He adds, that is all I am—an idea.

What is He supposed to be then? On His very first day He is granted dominion over life. He calls every creature the way He sees fit. The sun is the sun and corn is corn and He is what He is because He says so.  And me? I am what I am and that is all I am. Is that all I am? But I have stench, crevices, pain, and memory.

 I look around to make sure He has not found me. The day has just broken and I do not like day. I wish it was night. Like the black bird the night is mine.  He is wrong to think the night is His just because He owns me under its cover. He cannot, no, He can never take me during the day because He is afraid to look into my eyes. I will not have Him take me during the day either because his body reminds me of raw meat. 

I tell Him this once as, manly, spent, He lies on top of me. In response He calls me by the name He himself has given me, over and over, in a voice that sounds like the harsh breathing of a wounded beast.

 I try to burrow deeper into the foliage when I glimpse a pair of eyes behind the underbrush. So He has found me. Has He been watching me for a while? He should have caught me when… but maybe He does not know. What should He do? What can He do?

I emerge from hiding and walk slowly until the Creator does something.












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I’m 24 and my stories tend to focus on identity, race, and, well, other things that confuse and make sense to me. I have always wanted to be a writer and still trying to become one. I don’t really know what being a writer means and am still trying to figure that out among other things. 

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