A Rite of Hope

by Susan May James

We have come a long way and our journey is almost complete.  As our bodies slice through the clear aquamarine water, the sun beats down on our backs and we swim with determination.  After awhile we pause and look back at our anchored boat.  We smile at each other as we realise how close we are.  The ancient ruins loom before us and we only need to muster a few more strokes.  For a brief moment we touch hands, soon our rite will begin, we have it all planned.

With renewed vigour we plunge forward and in moments reach our destination.

Climbing across rocks and seaweed, euphoria strikes as our skin glistens in the hot midday sun.  When we reach the other side of the ruins we find what we are searching for; a small shrine adorned by offerings of votive candles, flowers and oil.  For hundreds of years this site has been a refuge for barren couples, seeking hope, yearning for a miracle, praying to pagan gods.

We look around, the ruins are secluded as not many venture out this far.  Satisfied that we are alone, we begin our rite with a desperate embrace and a brushing of salty lips and fevered skin.


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Writers Bio

Susan May James is a Canadian born writer living in London.  She writes flash fiction, short stories and is currently working on a novel.  Her other passions include travel, photography and history and she can be found scribbling and scattering on her blog; Scribble & Scatter.  She also tweets as @yamnasus and takes part weekly in #Fridayflash and #Tuesdayserial. Furthermore, after a frenzied month of NaNoWriMo, she is now editing and expanding her 50K manuscript.  Her free ebook, Scatter: A Selection of Flash Fiction Vol. I is now available for download at Smashwords.com .

The link to her blog is http://scribble-scatter.blogspot.com/


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