We wait

by Logan Watson

Life can change in an instant. Everything you know could be in your hands one minute, then stolen from you the next. The feathers of a swan are so tightly attached to its body. Eventually, those too fall from the object they were meant to be with. The light of the sun will engulf the world, warming the darkest of places. Then, when things seem like they will not ever end, they do. Darkness creeps in from the shadows infecting the light like a virus, stealing the warmth out of everything. Swans fall, struck down by lightning, being replaced by crows. Love is replaced by the dark aura of hate.

Everything you know, everything you love…gone in an instant. Time slows, waiting for the day when things return to normal. The sun and moon locked in conflict as twilight covers the world like a sheet of ice. Hearts crumble away as the change reaches them, their happiness falling away like a feather in the wind. The pain will not subside; the hate fills the voids, the sorrow…never ends. Time carries her away like a current, everyday she seems to get further off on the horizon.

We wait for her return, the days feeling like years. If only the adrenaline thaw the hearts of those waiting for her return. The crowd moves on, but we stay frozen like ice in this world. We all stand in place like statues, everyone so close to her, yet always out of reach.

The demons hold us back, not letting anyone find the light to unfreeze time. No one will give up until she is back. The blood drips down, each drop getting slower and slower. One day the light will be found, one day the waters will run. One day the ice will thaw, and one day the sun will rise and a new year shall begin. Until then, we wait.

We wait for the day where the sun will rise. We wait for the day where the feathers no longer fall. We wait for the day when the pain will end. We wait for the day when the swans return. We wait for the day she returns. We wait for her.   We wait. Locked away and safe.

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