The Yearning of the Lighthouse Fairies

by Brenda Blakey

Each evening while mortals slumber unknowingly in soft beds the lighthouse fairies keep a vigil. They watch for the return of their loves long since fallen in war and at sea. No more do they favor the widow’s walk; it remains only as architectural gilding of an era barely remembered. Woodland nymphs pull away the roots from their delicate ankles and adorn themselves with iridescent green robes. While the water wenches have a salty soak and count the rosary pearls. Adorned in their sea foam crinolines and dusted with fool’s gold they convene at water’s edge just below the ancient lighthouse climb.

Their solemn and hopeful prayer rises up as a beacon. With twinkling eyes each remembers the feel of her lover’s embrace. Whispers of their longing mingle with the spraying waves. They summon the lost loves to return if only for one night, if only for one hour, if only for one kiss. All hold hands and sing of pleasant times filled with laughs and loves and lusts. The possible could occur at any moment. Eyes focus on the horizon while a crescendo tensely builds. One says, “Hark, I hear the whale’s call, a promise that the men are yet near.” Another weeps, “No, it’s but a song of woe, only a sad lament.”

Waves rise, break and crash; optimism yields to hope soured, and then lost. Tears are shed as they bicker among themselves. With their backs to the sea they bellow toward the village as if someone might hear and ride to their aid. A random sleeper may stir and, settling back into goose down, dream of enchantment on a sparkling night. The sprites’ solemn moans, reminiscent of fog horns, are wails of comfort and solace. Just before the moon salutes the rising sun their night watch ends. The lighthouse fairies recede into rock face brine and dank forest shadows ‘till next eve’s chance to begin anew.

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Writers Bio

Brenda Blakey is a native of Atlanta and has written two novels and dozens of short stories.

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