by Yoges V R

Promises of sunrise..... 


The songs of agile birds


The parade of school-bound kids


The reminder for work, world and wealth


The pursuit of people and places


The flourishing of imagination and skill


The page filled with opportunities


The call of a busy day


The magical spell of the sun 


Promises of Sunset..... 


The yawn of sober birds


The banter of playful kids


The reminder for life, laughter and love


The pursuit of moods and memoirs


The healing of the body and soul


The page filled with chronicles


The lure of sweet dreams


The mystical spell of the moon


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Writers Bio

Yoges V R is blogger based out of Chennai, India. He uses his personal blog ‘Yogi’s Blogosmos’  ( to publish his personal narratives, free-verse & haiku poems and photos. Yoges is a post-graduate in business administration from IIT Delhi and works with a Fortune 50 Technology company in Chennai.

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