by Harmony Hodges

"Come over and look at the sheep!" My sister said to me in her happy but oh- so-mischievious tone.  Because she was a pretentious girl of ten, she delighted in torturing me.  Because I was a naive girl of six, she could often trick me into believing all sorts of things. 

So on this October day after eating bowls of salty bean soup and golden corn on the cob, my sister and I ran to the swings with our watermelon slices to have a seed spitting contest as we swung higher and higher in the air. As she came to a complete stop, she asked me to look at the sheep.

"Sheep?" I asked. "What sheep?" 

"They're really cute." she said. "Just come on." 

She jumped off of the swing and threw her rind up in the air.  Of course I followed her, I loved animals.

We trotted over to the trucks loading hay bails for the Halloween Maze at the Pumpkin Patch. She got to the truck first and squealed, "There they are, there they are!"

I made it to the truck, looked up, and saw bodies of sheep all squished together. My eyes grew big, and before I could ask what happened, my evil sister stuck two handfuls of mashed watermelon up to my eyes and chanted, "Sheep guts! Sheep guts! Oh gross, sheep guts!" 

I ran to the house to tell my mom. Traumatized by a truck full of squished sheep, my mom tried to reassure me they were just props for Halloween, but I couldn't be consoled. I stayed mad at my sister all night. Even as an adult, I cannot look at sheep without feeling queasy.  As for my sister, Halloween is coming up, and she is deathly afraid of spiders................. 

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Writers Bio

I'm a country girl and live not far from a real live pumpkin patch. I draw from childhood memories for my stories, and this picture of sheep put a twinkle in my eye.

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